Tuesday, December 28, 2010

7 Lessons I Plan To Keep With Me For 2011

These last few years have been filled with ups and (too many) downs, poor health and deep spiritual awakenings.   As 2010 draws to a close I am surrounded by peace and calmness that feels so good and dare I say, natural?  Yesterday, my friend commented on my Facebook post with "Shanti" (definition: peace and tranquility).   Later that day, my Angel card reading was the Shanti Angel.  Today, I find a Morning Dove in my garage (the dove being the most recognized symbol of peace).   I love the Law of Synchronicity and I do believe I am ready to be in this place of peace.

So far, my experiences have taught me several lessons (some new ones and some old ones that were re-confirmed).  I thought I would share what I plan to keep for 2011 (in no particular order).

  1. NO is a perfectly good answer.  Never fear asking questions or trying something new.  I have come to see it as God telling me, "No, Maria, good try but you must go in another direction."  NO holds great power.  Not only does it guide you to where you are supposed to go--it keeps your brain clear.  You will never be left with "what if I tried" or "I wonder if."  NO has a way of clearing all that right up freeing your mind to explore more of what God wants you to experience.  My Dad taught me that when I was 18 and it has stayed with me ever since.
  2. Trust my feelings.  No matter what I am doing or saying, if it feels good to me then I know I'm on the right track.  If it doesn't -- I WON'T.  It's that simple.
  3. Surround myself with whatever keeps me feeling good.  I keep my spirit up by surrounding myself with a variety of spiritual people and messages (via tweets, radio shows and books).  I keep it going through Feng Shui, Reiki, my work and my writing.  One new age self-help book won't do it--I must act to keep it going.
  4. Gratitude.  Before I step out of bed, I give thanks for another day and for all my blessings.  Before I fall asleep I give thanks, again.  Before I eat, I give thanks. This simple, internal and personal act has revealed miracle after miracle.  If I'm not deeply grateful for what I have at the moment, how can I possibly welcome new blessings? I think I would be wasting time if I focused on what I didn't have and then (even worse) feel bad about it.  Gratitude keeps me humble and happy and awakens the beauty of who I am and where I am at the moment.  Life is about the journey--I won't dare miss out on it.
  5. Meditation.    I have learned that I hold the answers.  The more I meditate the more I have confirmed this for myself. Meditation equals calm equals better attitude (a definite plus for someone with a strong personality like myself).  By the way, you CAN meditate for as little as two minutes and if that's all the time you have, I highly recommend doing so.
  6. See with my heart.  When I find myself hurt or bothered or annoyed by someone I stop and see them through my heart.  A new perspective will come about and it clarifies it all for me.  Simple and true.
  7. Remove NEED and HATE from my vocabulary.  This is a two for one deal. Simply stated, NEED indicates a "lack of."  My life is abundant and lacks nothing. Sure, I have desires and wants....but I don't NEED.  Do you see the difference?   As for HATE...well, if God put it on this earth who am I to HATE it?  For that matter, I must have loved it first if I am going to feel anything that resembles its opposite, right?  Figure out your feelings before you get to HATE mode--you have a chance to change the course of direction and learn something about yourself.  I'll give credit to my Dad for this lesson, too.  I was only a child when he shared this with me.   A side note for my friends:  if you catch me using these words, call me out on it!  After all, practice makes perfect.

Wishing you a 2011 filled with blessings, prosperity and a whole lot of love and laughter.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finding Inspiration and Staying Positive Even When You Hate Your Job

I came across a question this week in my Facebook newsfeed asking, "Who has influenced you in your business?"  As I thought about the many people I have encountered throughout my working career the person I came up with was the one I least expected.

In the 90s, I was steadily climbing the non-profit organization ladder eventually becoming an Executive Director for a national non-profit group.  Most of my 10 years there were about absolutely LOVING what you do more than the paycheck.   Because I loved our mission and our purpose, my work reflected it and so it quickly transitioned to an executive position.

In that promotion, love shortly grew to a 9 to (way past) 5 drudge.  The mission turned into hiring, firing, accounting, documentation, managing, reports and pretty much a lot of stuff that had very little to do with the mission itself.   My only consolation was that if I didn't keep things running like a smooth-oiled machine, the organization and it's employees could not continue to work on the actual cause.

The executive position meant direct interaction with the board of directors and their office politics.  If you've ever seen Apprentice with Donald Trump, then you can understand a bit of my cut-throat experience in the board room.  In that interaction, more than ever before, I had to work closely with someone who...well...I'll just say it like it is...was a dirty, morally corrupt, sexually driven, mind-game expert who loved only himself and his ability to manipulate--a narcissist.  (I will call him Joe for the purpose of this blog).

Be that as it may, Joe had a passion to write and (of course) to see his name in print.  His passion was so much so that along with his own law firm, his active volunteer-ship as a board member, he also taught English Composition at one of the world's preeminent universities.   During my time at the organization, Joe asked me to write a news-release regarding a study produced by one of our advisors. What? Me?  "I don't write." I told Joe.  "Yes, you do" he said, "you express yourself beautifully, now just do it on paper."

I was shaking in my boots.  For sure, this was going to be the end of my career. Joe was going to see exactly how dumb I really was.  A flood of memories rushed over me from my school days when teachers, students and even my own family members poked fun at my writing.  I was criticized so much so that I believed writing was something I would never master.  It's like loving to sing with all your heart and soul in the shower but you would never do it in public.

Horrified, I turned in my news release with a warning that I was not one to write such things.  I recommended he choose someone else for the project so that it is done well and for "the greater good of the organization." Hey, it sounded good!  Joe took my draft and I left his office only to be called back in 10 minutes later.  He said to me, "I am going to work with you.  We will do this project together and I'll teach you exactly what I teach my students."  Huh?  I turned into his little pet project.  Even though I knew this was purely feeding his own ego--I was just happy I wasn't fired. Things were looking up.

"Energy flows where attention goes." -- James Arthur Ray.

What does energy have to do with hating your job?  Everything. Going to work and hating the environment, your co-workers, your job description, your boss (or some or all of these things) only keeps the negative energy flow in motion day after day and slows you from moving forward in your career.  Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. I see now that people and experiences are brought to you divinely and with purpose. We may not be able to see it right away, but it's enough knowing that it is. It will reveal itself when it is divinely meant for you to see it.  Sure, I could have quit the moment my job turned into a drudge or because of one narcissist. Then what?  The action of quitting would have been because I was feeling unappreciative and negative about the moment and the person--and as energy likes to do--it would have continued it's same path elsewhere.

I eventually left that job, but it was never because I hated it.  I left for different reasons and with a deep sense of gratitude for all that I had learned there.  I sit here writing in awe as I think about life's twists and turns.   In the past, writing for a living was a pipe-dream.  I had no confidence in myself or my ability to even consider this venue for myself.  I am deeply appreciative of Joe.  He helped me to write and most important, Joe reignited my childhood dream of writing.  Today, I am constantly composing something in my head when I catch myself drifting in a daydream.

Blogging is essential to what I do and aside from all of Joe's issues in the office (and my constant effort to stay away from it), he turned out to be a valuable asset and the one I think about most as I consider who influenced me in my business.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rough Waters Are A Good Sign: The Downside Of The Law Of Attraction Is Really Up

I've been tossing the idea for this post for some time now and wondered how I could thoughtfully write this piece.  It just so happens that in the last month or so, many people have come to me with similar experiences feeling confused, sad and miserable.  I now choose to write this piece for them and for me.

Yearning to live an improved quality of life by welcoming more joy, love and spirit -- how then -- can I suddenly and almost out of nowhere, be hit with a ton of bricks as one or more individuals toss a load of anger and (simply put) crap your way?  Anger, arguments, blame .... you're left with a, "What the hell was that?"  and  "Where did that come from?"

Feelings of disappointment and self blame overwhelm you.  I know it did for me.  In my journey, I was guided to make dramatic life changes.  Old habits were no longer serving me and new habits helped me realize a fuller life.

My desire for a deeper meaning in my life was soulful and divinely inspired.  I read books, studied, meditated, and removed ego as much as possible so that I could simply follow my gut instinct and intuition.   Doing so, I see now, was welcoming Spirit to guide me.  Doing so, I see now, also lead me to an energy shift.

I was reading and listening to a series of books by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I was completely taken by the connection of emotion and thoughts and energy.   The idea is simple:  what you think and feel are exactly how you are living your life.  Difficult experiences in the present are a result of past negative thoughts and emotions.  If you don't like what you are experiencing change what you are thinking and feeling. So I did.

NEVER did I think that I would also invite some of the backlash I got from individuals.    You see, when my energy was lower, I naturally invited equal or lesser energy around me through individuals and/or experiences.  By focusing every detail in my life to simply act and think in a way that feels good and/or better, it all changed.  I experienced an energy shift.

How did that invite the backlash?  I was putting out a different kind of energy that in essence vibrated at a higher frequency (something every single one of us is capable of doing).  By doing so, others who were comfortable with you before the shift suddenly feel uncomfortable.  If they are not doing the same kind of energy work you are doing, they may not even realize what is stirring up in them.  I know this because I have been on that side of the fence, too.

Last winter, I was saddened by one such person whom I thought would be a friend. In my interaction with them, I chose to focus on loving thoughts and words keeping all that I had learned with me.  I knew old habits and my strong personality were not going to serve me.  I stayed true to myself and trusted my gut and let my ego go crazy in silence.  (Looking back, the battle within me was comical.  I spoke from my heart chakra, but my brain and mind and ego were just as bad ass as P.G. County Maryland trained me -- thankfully, the heart chakra won).

Desire to do well and be better takes up as much energy as staying angry and feeling miserable.  I made the decision to find the love and stay on my path.  It felt good and I wasn't hurting anyone in the process.  In fact, I invited new relationships that were more on par with where I was headed.  By choosing to find a way to feel love for those that "threw stones" at me, I was able to find compassion for them and I let it go.

I LOVE IT when I get a sign letting me know I'm on the right path.   As I came to this conclusion through my meditation, I received a sign the next day.  I had a dentist appointment and the dental hygienist (who also studies the law of attraction and we enjoy sharing our insights together) happen to share with me another author whom she found enlightening, Michael Bernard Beckwith.  I have never read his material, but at that moment I recalled him from the movie, "The Secret" and an interview he did shortly after the success of the movie.  A woman asked him why she was experiencing so much jealousy amongst her friends where she thought she would find support from the success she experienced as she incorporated ideas and actions in line with the Law of Attraction.  His response, "Mediocrity always attacks excellence."  BINGO.

I saw this quoted again this week and it made me think of my clients and friends who are having similar experiences.  Let me be clear in that I don't view anyone with ill feelings.  We are all traveling through life at different speeds.  That's all.  No one way is better than another.  In fact, I find confirmations all around me that choosing love is always the best route.  If people move away from you, let that natural filtering process happen.  Doing so for me allowed other relationships to deepen and grow. Let life's natural filter work for you.  It will open doors rather than have you bang your head up against one.


If you are interested in purchasing the book collection I have by Esther and Jerry Hicks, you can do so by this link:  

Monday, November 22, 2010

State of Gratitude

Food, electric, water, mortgage, HOA dues, sports dues...I bet you can add more to this list.  It is overwhelming when you think about it too much.  It is even more overwhelming when you add gift giving to the deluge of monthly bills.

Finding excitement for the holiday season was getting harder with each passing year.  I put my foot down this year.  Anxiety was not going to get the best of me.   In quiet meditation, grounding myself and finding a place of peace I saw in my mind's eye the beauty of all of this.

It is a wonderful blessing that I even have bills.  I am actually in a position to have to concern myself with these monthly bills.  There is greatness in this.  I am not on the streets and I have the power of choice.  I can choose to cut back or eliminate in certain areas to make room for something else.

Photo by Ximena Brunette
With this positive perspective, I was so completely grateful in the deepest way for my husband's career and my clients.  I used Feng Shui to honor the career area of our home and give it a boost.  I did it without expectations.  It was a simple action-oriented way of honoring what I had realized during my meditation.

Finding the love of the moment, I no sooner acquired another client "out of the blue." Wow!!  The love keeps on growing.  In my grateful state of being, my mind was caught up with creative ideas for what to do with my Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, Website and Blog Site.  Without thinking too much about it, I realized I was in creative mode and not anxiety mode.

While putting a couple of plans into very simple actions, I received a few emails. Not just any email -- these lovely individuals were giving me thanks.  These folks were also in a deep state of gratitude and their words reflected it.  The energy I got from those emails were a boost like none other I had felt.  I opened the door to abundance and realized that life was supporting me.

I have new ideas and habits now.  Slowly but surely I am awakening to who I really am.   Life supports us all, I suppose we just have to find a way to let it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Asking The Right Questions

Starting this Blog I realize I open a window for others to view a very personal side of myself.  Normally, I would keep the windows shut and the curtains drawn, but my experiences have opened my eyes to something I would have never expected.

This last year I promised myself I would let Divine guidance steer me in the right direction.  I simply do what feels good and right to me -- and so began my Blog.  Before writing, however, I meditate and center myself.  I love how before I even know it, the blog is essentially writing itself.

For the last few days I've been thinking about the many shifts I have experienced in my life.  I recalled one event so vividly and then I had an "AHA" moment during one of those meditations.  That is what I want to share with you.

It was back about 1989 or 1990.  I was going to explode with tears, unsure of when I was going to stop if I let myself cry.  I had to leave the house I was residing in because I was not in a position comfortable enough to cry and talk about what I was going through.  I didn't have anyone in particular to call so they could just listen or even give me a hug for comfort.  The only place to go was my car.

It was already late in the evening, I was driving in the pouring rain with no where to go.  Interestingly, I ended up in the church parking lot.  I recall looking at the church through the rainy windshield.  It was a place of supposed sanctuary when I was a child and yet, that night, I just saw a shell of a building made with bricks -- made by man.  I didn't feel any peace being there.  I remember I said, "God, where are you?"  No response.

"Why is my life like this?" I said loudly.

"I am angry.  I'm done.  I hate you."

With that said, everything I knew about God and how to believe in him was (in a sense) tossed out the window that night.  The details as to how I got to that [very low] point isn't really important for this post but what I asked is extremely important.  Why did He disappear and let me suffer so much pain? Why did I have to suffer alone?  I justified that I was unlucky and unlovable. That was as simple and as black and white as I could put it for myself.

As I recalled this event during my meditation the "AHA" moment happened.  I asked all the wrong questions.  The "why" questions I was asking were from a place of negativity and stunted personal growth that I alone created.  If I've said it once, I've said this a thousand times before...no matter what, it is imperative to always find the love in the experience.  If you don't, in my opinion, you will never grow and move forward.

As time went by and I began my life journey, more experiences opened me up to change my views.  I recall a seminar where the speaker encouraged us to think differently and lovingly about a previous bad situation(s).  Think about this:

  • Do you keep experiencing the same "bad" things over and over again at different times in your life?  (bad relationships, heartbreaks, unhappy career, poor health, the list continues...)
  • Do you react the same way?  (I'm unlucky, I don't deserve better, That's how it's always been, Why does this always happen to me?)
  • How is reacting the same way over and over again working for you?  

Empowerment comes when you begin the search.  By finding the love and appreciation of where you are at that moment, you are removing your mental chains.  Your experiences are designed just for you.  You can choose to grow from them or not.  A better approach may start with:

  • What did I learn from this experience?
  • What affirmations can I begin to use to evoke positive change?
  • How will I grow from this?
  • Love everyone involved, no matter what.  They are learning, too.

Reacting the same way (for me) was not working.  Being angry and giving up on God was an easy out and I was giving up on myself.  Today, I know that asking things differently will give me a path Divinely meant for me.  The answer isn't always out there, it is within that Divine part of yourself.

Appreciate the experience and the moment because that very moment is exactly when God is knocking on your door and transformation begins.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things before you change."  Wayne Dyer

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

If you follow me on Twitter or on my Facebook Fan Page you may have picked up on a recent theme in my posts:  Happiness.  It is purposeful that I choose this topic as we head into the holiday season. 

Ever since I can remember, I associated the holiday season with anxiety.  Today, with a family of my own, I admit that I still feel anxiety creep up.  As I understand energy I can assure you that it takes so much more energy to stuff emotions down (compounded even more if you have been doing it for a while, year after year).  The energy from anxiety begins to have power and control whether you realize it or not.  It becomes familiar and before you know it your emotions are on auto pilot straight to anxietyville.  When this negative energy creeps up I truly believe that your immunity is in jeopardy and illness takes up residence.  

We have unconsciously given anxiety that power.  Today, I know more and I have added some useful tools.  

Plan of Action

Intention.  With intention, choose to find and discover happiness.  One thing I do before I even step foot out of bed is give thanks to God and invoke excitement for the day before me.  I soak up my surroundings and feel deeply blessed for all that I have and where I am in that moment.   The pesky little things seem to disappear once I've checked in with God.   My breakfast tastes better, the chair I sit in is more comfortable.  This simple step starts my day in a positive and joyous direction. 

Experiment.  Shake things up a bit from your daily routine and try something new:  Feng Shui, Reiki, Meditation, Organic Diet, or a new Self-Help Book.  

I recently discovered author, Erica Nelson, who has put together ebooks to achieve higher levels of happiness.  Her 9-page ebook "5 Steps to Happiness:  No Matter What's Going On" is easy to follow and the warmth and joy I feel is wonderful.  I am excited to expand this feeling and repeat some of the steps daily.  I LOVE EASY!!

I agree with the author when she states, "Happiness is like a muscle and if you never stretch it, you are missing out."  To find out more go to www.happinessquotations.com.

Law of Attraction

I would be remiss if I failed to mention how energy and the laws of the universe are continually working in the direction you choose.  A few weeks before this blog post, I began by simply choosing to discover more happiness as part of a personal challenge to myself for the holiday season.  (Notice I did NOT state this as "I do not want to feel anxiety" -- which to me is the same as saying, "I expect anxiety as the holiday's approach us.")  State exactly what it is that you desire.   With that said, it is no accident that I stumbled upon Erica Nelson's site and got the opportunity to review her exceptional ebook.  

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reiki Healing Becoming More Popular

Reiki is becoming a more and more widely accepted form of alternative medicine. More studies are being conducted proving the healing benefits of Reiki. Still there are a few I come across who have never heard of this form of healing and ask me to explain how it works.

The best definition I find is from Reiki.org which states that, “Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by ‘laying on hands’ and is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy’ flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's ‘life force energy’ is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means ‘God's Wisdom or the Higher Power’ and Ki which is ‘life force energy’. So Reiki is actually ‘spiritually guided life force energy.’"

How Does Reiki Work?

Essentially, I have learned to center myself in such a way that I focus my energy to facilitate the healing in others either through gentle touch and/or with meditation. Sounds crazy, I know, especially because growing up I was such a realist and I chose to create and live in a “black and white” kind of world. I never had any room for gray area and dismissed anything that I couldn’t easily explain. The reality is that living like that was cold and virtually void of emotion.

Slowly, I began to understand the whole picture. Through Feng Shui, I learned about chi (or energy) in your home and the importance of recognizing the various areas of your life. I understood the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment that promotes a prosperous, abundant, healthy and whole life. My home environment is one avenue I discovered as a direct link to how I feel. Feeling is your connection to chi. Chi can vibrate high, happy and positive or it can be low.

Reiki for me is a technique to raise your chi or energy and helps you connect to “God’s wisdom” so that you achieve your desires (from clarity for decision making, to reduced stress, to healing). Reiki naturally knows what to do to help you even when you are not sure – it is God’s wisdom, after all. With that, there is only good that comes of it.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Reiki Healing Room located in my home.
My blog is about bringing things to light that promote increased quality of life. Energy healing like Reiki is one of them. As with anything, your actions, your requests and taking an active role in your health decisions aid in the power of change. More and more hospitals offer Reiki or at least allow patients to bring in Reiki practitioners to aid in their healing (especially before and after surgery or chemotherapy treatments).

If you want more facts – the data is out there. You can start with these useful sites:

A)  http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/o/cochrane/clsysrev/articles/CD006535/abstract.html.
B)  http://www.reiki.org/reikinews/reikin24.html

Reiki Masters across the country are thrilled that the famous Dr. Oz bravely introduced Reiki as his #1 recommendation for alternative medicine.[1]  He uses Reiki with his patients. “Heart surgeon, Dr Mehmet Oz, has worked with Julie Motz who used Reiki on his patients. These patients had received heart transplants and had experienced open-heart surgery. She treated 11 patients in total and none of them had the usual post-operative depression. The bypass patients had no post-operative pain or leg weakness and the transplant patients experienced no organ rejection. Julie Motz has written about this experience in her book, ‘Hands of Life'.” [2]

Dr. Oz is doing more than just Reiki, he is leading the way to integrated medicine and proving that alternative medicines are quite effective. Together with his wife, Lisa Oz, who is a writer, producer and Reiki Master, have been using alternative methods for years. Information about Dr. Oz and his experiments were published in the New York Times back in 1995.[3]

I would never recommend substituting Reiki with traditional medicine. However, I believe that Reiki is an excellent complement when you are seeking healing or simply stress reduction. Get out there and try energy healing. Be easy with yourself and follow your instinct. Feel good about what you are doing and know that it is a loving act you deserve.

Oh, and you don’t have to be sick to try it. God’s wisdom is good any time.

[1] http://reikidigest.blogspot.com/2010/01/try-reiki-dr-oz-tells-millions-on-tv.html
[2] http://www.articlesbase.com/religion-articles/scientific-studies-on-reiki-38454.html#ixzz10h2mflWK
[3] http://www.nytimes.com/1995/07/30/magazine/the-experiments-of-dr-oz.html?pagewanted=all

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson

I was contacted about a month ago by Author, Betsy Otter Thompson to review her book, Walking Through Illusion, published earlier this year.  I was excited about the opportunity and couldn’t wait to receive her book.   Little did I know that this book would push me to make some personal and positive changes.

The style of this book reminded me of Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and the multiple books written by Esther and Jerry Hicks in that it is easy to read because it’s written in a style of conversation.  Who is the conversation with?  Jesus.   The author does not say that she is channeling (like Esther Hicks), however, her ability to open her heart and receive inspirational words and then express them in this book was altogether beautiful and healing.   She refers to it as a “merging of energy.”

The book takes us back to stories and people from the bible (like Peter, Mark, Matthew, Pilate, and Mary Magdalene to name a few), how they may have lived, thought or behaved and then teaches us how the physics of action/reaction worked in their lives.   While the term ”Law of Attraction” is never used, I understood the theory of action/reaction  to be the same.   In the book, Jesus says, “that for every emotional action taken, an emotional mirror returned.”

You do not have to be familiar with the bible to understand this book.  Most important, you do not have to believe her biblical interpretations in order to receive the lessons and gifts of the message.   At the end of each chapter Betsy Otter Thompson provides us with thought provoking questions, inspirational words and her personal insights.  All of which I thought were indispensable to the message delivered in each chapter.

Some chapter titles include Reform, Approval, Morality, Fairness, Truth, Complaints, Betrayal, Hatred and Death.  Each of the 23 chapters can individually stand on their own.  I found myself to be compelled to digest her messages thoughtfully.  Some days I had to stop reading in order to save what I had just learned.  I didn't want to ruin it by learning something new in the next chapter so quickly.  

Walking Through Illusion is a book with qualities I love I will learn something new with every read.  I can easily pick it up and read the chapter I need for that day or situation.  This is most definitely a go-to book for anyone who is looking to expand their personal growth toward understanding the theory of action/reaction and who is bravely and lovingly willing to accept their role in it.  

More information on ordering this book can be found on the author's website:  http://www.betsythompson.com/index.php


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clearing the Clutter

As soon as somebody finds out I’m a Feng Shui Practitioner the conversation almost always begins something like this, “I know Feng Shui means I have to keep my house clean, but then what?  What will Feng Shui do?”  We then begin a discussion about the techniques, the benefits, the do’s and don’ts, and so on.  

Most people want to clean the clutter before they have me in their home for a Feng Shui consult (usually admitting that they are too embarrassed for me to see it).   It is my personal opinion as a Practitioner that it’s most important for me to see how you live before you clean up.  Why?  Well, would you pull up all the weeds and cut the grass before the gardener arrives?  How will the gardener know where he needs to dedicate his efforts and treat the weeds with products if he doesn’t see an accurate picture from the very beginning?

I am not in your home to judge you.  No way!  Your home is sacred space -- the place that supports you and protects you.  Your home is the place that recharges you daily, comforts you, and nourishes your soul. It is the biggest investment you will likely ever make.  Inviting me into your home is an honor.

Part of my process as a Practitioner is to show you how Feng Shui works.  My goal is that you have the tools available to you to lift your home’s energy and support and enhance the various areas of your life (career, prosperity, health, marriage, children, etc…). 

Let’s say, for example, you want more support in your marriage or you are looking for someone with whom to share your life.   I will come into your home to see how you live (before you clean and redecorate).   I will then show you how to view your home in such a way that it supports your desires and brings them to fruition.  

Once I leave, you can focus your clean up and decor in the areas of marriage, first.  You’ll get to the rest of the clean up later.  In fact, I’ll bet you will feel so good, you’ll want to clean your home quickly to support all the areas of your life. 

If you are a student of the Laws of Attraction, then you likely have a vision board, or keep a journal, or perhaps visualize daily.  Feng Shui creates a living environment that continually supports you (non-stop) far beyond the journal entry or the 3 minute visualization.  All of these techniques are at the heart to spearheading your desires to reality.

Clearing the clutter is very important to rid your life of low energy and unpleasing sights.  Feng Shui will help you usher in new and very specific energy based on your desires.  I just spent a week shredding papers, donating goods, and unloading items on Ebay and Craig’s list.  It proved to be very cathartic for me.  The area I’m working on feels freer to me and the process of making some upcoming decisions is less foggy than when I started.   I’m excited about the next chapter in my life and I’m so appreciative to have the opportunity to explore it.  

You deserve to live your best life.  Everyone benefits when you are at your best.  Try Feng Shui, you may experience some exciting avenues open up.   My clients seem to think so.  Check out my link and see for yourself:  https://sites.google.com/site/mariaflynnreikimaster/home/testimonials

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Do You Meditate?

Hi there!  I know it's been a few weeks since my last post, but I have a good excuse.  I was having fun.  Fun being the most important thing I can do for myself, my health and my well-being. Fun makes me laugh a little more, which (according to the Law of Attraction) raises my vibration, aligns me with God and my highest self. Fun naturally keeps me in the "flow" or in a place I want to be.

Obviously, I can't be on vacation or partying it up with my girlfriends everyday.  Like most of you, I'm living my usual life at home (as a wife and mother, housekeeper, dietitian -- I don't need to go on -- you ladies know what kind of energy it takes to run a home).  To get to that "higher place" I meditate.

One of the most popular questions I get from clients, family, and friends is, "How do you meditate?"  Most complain that they can't quiet their minds enough to do it.  I have gathered some information about meditation. Keep in mind that this is purely from my perspective.
  • Meditation can be 2 minutes, 20 minutes, 60 minutes or more.
  • Meditation connects you to you (not the mother, the wife, the teacher) -- you.  
  • Meditation also connects you to God.  Unlike prayer, where you are talking to God, meditation is the place to listen.
  • It reduces stress and boosts your immune system.
  • Meditation relaxes you.
Ok, research the health benefits yourself if this interests you, there is plenty out there on the internet.  What I want to share in this post is how I began to meditate and how it worked for me.

Wanting to be successful with meditation, I chose to focus on one thought.  Instead of quieting my mind (which was impossible for me at first), I chose to think about the beach.  The beach is my favorite place.  A few deep breaths and I began:   I saw myself sitting on the beach with my toes in the hot sand, looking at the endless ocean and sky.  The beach is a place where I really respect my surroundings, I feel a sense of awe there, I feel God there -- I always have.

[Imagination is key here.  I use my imagination to feel the thought.  What you imagine should match how you are feeling. Alternatively, if you're not feeling so great, you can use your imagination to improve the way you feel.]

Back to the beach.  Imagine how the sand feels between your toes and fingers. Imagine the warm breeze and your hair blowing in the wind (if you're bald, so sorry, move on to the next sentence). Imagine the cool temperature of the ocean as you walk into it. Imagine the sun drying the water off your legs, your belly, your shoulders, your arms and your cheeks.  Imagine the force of the ocean waves crashing on the beaches edge.  Are you there, yet? Can you hear it?  Can you smell the salty air?  Once I'm in my "happy place" I begin to connect.  I think to myself, "How much sand is beneath me?" or  "How much water is around me?"  God created perfection and it's all around me.  Endless sky meets endless water meets endless granules of sand.  I am a child of God and therefore I am a part of His endless perfection.  My world is as abundant as my surroundings.  WHOA...  You know what?  So is yours.

No matter what is going on, this visualization kind of meditation reconnects me to God and his divinely perfect world.  No matter what is going on, I can let go more easily.  It's all good.  It's ok.  I am still, I am quiet, I am letting God in.  No talking -- just being.  It is here that I find answers, direction, purpose.

There are many different ways to meditate and what I describe above is just one example that helped me get started.  I use various methods and have experienced positive results from many of them.  Don't give up.  As with anything, practice will make you better.  Start with two minutes of focusing on any thought that pleases you.  Your goal being simply to feel better than when you started.

Meditation has been good for me as I "re-train" my brain from limited thinking to infinite possibilities.  Good luck!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

BP Oil Spill and Co-Creative Thinking

I was hemming and hawing about whether or not to write about the horrific oil spill in the Gulf. It is an emotional subject for us – leaving us feeling helpless and angry. Watching the news only exacerbates how we feel, yet many still watch.

Wanting to stay positive, today I am writing about something I learned from Esther and Jerry Hicks (ABRAHAM) regarding our feelings and creating our future. It just so happens that yesterday's quote on their website states exactly what I was going for, “Whenever you are feeling less than good, if you will stop and say, Nothing is more important than that I feel good—I want to find a reason now to feel good, you will find an improved thought. Anytime you feel negative emotion, you are in the mode of resisting something that you want, and that resistance takes its toll on you. It takes its toll on your physical body, and it takes its toll on the amount of wonderful things that you are allowing to come into your experience.”
So I want positive, good, and uplifting experiences in my life. Don't you? By focusing my thoughts to good, I experience good. Some of you may be familiar with this teaching from Abraham:

According to Abraham, a thought that is held for 17 seconds (without contradiction) reaches a powerful point of change, creating a vibration or charge. It will attract an equivalent thought, and this thought will increase the vibration’s power or energy charge exponentially. After another 17 seconds, the next thought reaches an even higher vibration. This charge increases its potency with every 17 seconds, and eventually, at 68 seconds the final thought is so powerful that it will manifest for you.

I have explained this philosophy to many of my clients and the nuts and bolts of this idea is to daydream for 68 seconds. Daydream without interruption for 68 seconds and have fun (like a child). Your daydreaming should actually make you feel good and happy. Sometimes, you may want to exceed the 68 seconds because it feels so good daydreaming! Here is a YouTube video that explains this concept: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBmuc8_GySQ&feature=player_embedded#!

Here’s a thought, how about daydreaming about the engineers, workers, BP employees in a very positive way? I propose daydreaming about creative solutions that will work to stop this oil spill safely, securely and permanently. Daydream about cleaning the oil already spilt easily, creatively and quickly, saving the wildlife and estuaries at unexpected rates. Most of all, daydream about the joy they will feel when they have results; or the relief the engineers feel with his/her solutions. Last, how about the good results that can happen because of a tragedy like this? Yes, I said good. For instance, swift implementation of laws preventing future disasters like this. Perhaps this disaster is the turning point and the ignition for our government leaders to lead our nation toward clean energy use. There are no limits to daydreaming. The only limits are the ones you place on yourself. This world is abundant and filled with miracles every day.
You see, staying angry and talking about the devastation (to me) is useless and frankly even more harmful to the experience I want to allow into my world. It is what it is and here we are. We have a serious problem on our hands, so I propose we get solution-oriented. We do not have to be there to help…you can do it at your desk.

68 seconds of pure thought is equal to 2,000,000 action hours. The universe has a beautiful way of yielding toward our thoughts. Let’s co-create the future and send loving thoughts to everyone displaced and negatively impacted in the Gulf (even the ding-a-lings who caused this). Pass this blog along and let’s keep it going.

Ok, ok! Now I'm starting to sound like New York Housewife, Kelly Bensimon, with her "cartwheels and rainbow world." I can tell you, I am writing to you about a technique I have used and got some pretty awesome results. What are you thinking about?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Parenting and the Law of Attraction

Learning the Law of Attraction and believing the limitless possibilities we have is something I started tackling in 1999. Spending my free time learning and experimenting with techniques and philosophies, I was able to create some of my own methods for manifesting my desires. It was one thing to tackle this alone -- but then to live it and make it a natural part who I am so that my children have the best life and life skills—was definitely a challenge.

A couple of things to think about here: there are age appropriate books that I loved sharing with my kids that teach the Law of Attraction through stories. The best thing I did was be open about what I was doing. By letting my kids know that I was changing myself to create the best life possible and that I would likely make some mistakes was honest and real. I elicited there help. Whatever I was putting out to them, I requested to be given back to me. A lifetime of old habits, thoughts, and reactions don’t change overnight.

Annoying? Yes, sometimes. It kept me (and them) on track though. Most important, it empowered them. They were a part of the change (for the better). Many times, my daughter (my eldest) was my greatest teacher.

As we live through personal experiences together (family conflicts, sickness, school drama, peer pressure, etc – just like most families I know), we discuss how to work through it using the universal laws. We discuss how to think and behave and believe. It is wonderful to hear their input and ideas, too! It opened the avenue, no, the challenge for me to learn and to teach (for them and for me).

So my daughter came to me a few months back asking how a friend of ours thinks. She was talking about my friend’s daughter who is going to begin her college career this fall. Since we’ve known her, she was a child who appeared aloof, but frankly, whatever she set forth for herself she accomplished with (what appeared to be) great ease. Even when her mother and I saw obvious obstacles, her daughter never did and frankly, blew us off like we were simply a nuisance. My daughter wanted to know how to mimic her successful college search. You see, my friend’s daughter was sought after by colleges, offered full scholarships, etc… She had choices. She had choices among colleges she wanted.

Here’s what I came up with: “She thinks like a highway. She starts at point ‘A’ and decides what her destination is or point ‘B.’ She doesn’t get distracted or burdened with detours, traffic jams, accidents or delays. So, if she wants to get a grade A on a test, she doesn’t fill herself with worry about failing, not having enough time to study, or that it’s too hard, or comparing herself with what other kids do. She simply sets her attention to getting an A and what it will take to get there." She naturally focuses on the joy of getting that ‘A’ because it’s fun and it feels good (especially when everybody around her witnesses how aloof and silly she can be).

I dedicate this blog post to her today. I am confident she will have a very successful career and thank her for being around at the right time for us to witness her success and learn from it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lessons from Greece

So I'm back from Greece, refreshed and still in awe of my experience there. One of my greatest dreams since my teen years was to go to Greece. Sure, most girls dream about their wedding day, having families or a college degree -- mine was to see Greece.

I remember graduating high school and preparing for the customary "beach week." I told a friend, "Why not spend beach week in Greece? Ocean City, MD will still be there when we get back." She laughed at me. I thought I was crazy for always dreaming so big. In college, I saw a student exchange program for Greece (but it was for the nursing program and while tempting, I wasn't about to change my major).

Finally, In 2001, my husband's company rewarded him with a cruise in Greece. I was so thrilled. We got our passports and we were ready to go. Sadly, 9/11 happened and the trip was cancelled. Why was Greece so "out there?" It felt like something that could only be a dream for me and that only "other people" get to do.

In April 2008 I was asked to go to Greece with a travel group. It fell during the same time another major family event was taking place and I could not even consider it. This time though, I felt like my dream was something that may never ever happen. Crushed.

Full Circle

During my time in Greece I got a chance to do a lot of meditating and writing and just "being." I realized that being in Greece anytime before now -- I simply would not have been ready. My Angels were guiding me all along.

During my life journey, I have grown spiritually. My personal tragedies and heart breaks were tremendous lessons and blessings. As I incorporated Feng Shui and Reiki into my life, changes began. Some changes were tough pills to swallow, some friends even left my side, but ultimately this filtering process was good for me (it may have taken me a while to see that though).

I educated myself about energy healing and the myriad of ways one can benefit from it. When I was ready, I chose to begin the next chapter for myself which was weight loss. Looking within myself, I found the answers about what would work for me. Funny though, the weight loss was such an after thought once I felt myself get in touch with me. I journaled, I meditated and came away with so much more than weight loss.

I found joy in writing and as early as August 18, 2008, I journaled about going to Greece. Darn it, this dream was not going to escape me. I used the techniques I learned to keep the Law of Attraction working in motion toward what I wanted.

I wrote about feeling easy, joyous, clear-headed and grounded with the weight loss. Connecting to the Divine was the best feeling throughout this process. The more flexible and healthy I got, the better I became at being ME. I wrote about joy and attracted more joy. I wrote about the joy of travel, and by summer 2009, the opportunity to go to Greece once again fell into my lap.

Here it is! My desire maintained itself and grew stronger with each journal entry and with every moment I daydreamed about Greece. Honestly, I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for this trip, but I trusted what I had learned: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE DETAILS, AS THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. I trusted the process.

The picture above is me watching the sunset as we leave Santorini Island. For those of you looking closely...yes, I believe those are orbs. Personally, I like to see it as my Angels posing for this shot. While admiring the sunset, I was thinking about Doreen Virtue and her book, Angel Medicine, where she talks about her spiritual trip to Greece and specifically Santorini Island. In her book she receives a message from Athena (Goddess of Wisdom) and it states, "The Divine feminine essence is harmonizing and balancing men and women alike. Woman's strength lies in her kindness and nurturing, yet these need to begin with her own holy self."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reiki, Pain and Illness, Energy and Relief

For those of you familiar with work from Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham), Louise Hay (and many more authors and teachers about energy) then you understand that we are forms of energy. Abraham states that we are “extensions of Non-Physical Energy.”[i]

While I’m continually learning about the universal laws and energy, I have also come to fully understand Louise Hay’s profound statement that, “We create every so-called ‘illness’ in our body.”[ii] Wow! That was pretty bold and breathtaking for me to read the first time around. However, having been ill (too many times) I chose to rethink this message from her.

So, I am responsible for every illness I’ve suffered? That was deep and frankly a lot of responsibility to handle in the midst of illness. “How did I manage that?” I thought, or “Impossible, no one in their right mind would have wished for this.” As it turns out, as I became more understanding of energy it made perfect sense.

In Feng Shui, we say that everything is alive and holds energy. In Feng Shui, we create spaces where energy can move easily so that it does not get old or stagnant–our spaces help us feel good. Additionally, we use techniques in Feng Shui to help hold good energy and release what you may not want around. This is very important for our homes and offices as they are also our sanctuaries and should be nothing but supportive of us. I began my journey with Reiki with the intention of learning how to use its techniques as part of my practice with Feng Shui.

Little did I know that Reiki was going to be the key to my healing in 2004 during my (very scary) experience with a tumor in my salivary gland (Parotid Gland) that literally dislocated my jaw. My sister and sister-in-law at the time were already Reiki I and II certified and really pushed me to use Reiki as a means of healing. Frankly, my youngest child had just been born and using alternative methods (while appealing) was not what I wanted. I couldn’t wait for the doctor to operate and GET IT OUT! My sister consoled me that using Reiki could really help me even if I chose to see the doctor. OK, simple enough, I thought, I can do that. After all, Reiki was not going to hurt me because simply put, “it is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.”[iii] If I was going to do this, I was going to really do it and decided to also learn meditation and visualization techniques. Sometimes you have to be brought down to your knees to open up to something new.

Long story short, this traditional surgery I was told, would take 3+ hours because of the 5 facial nerves that had to be carefully worked around. Damage to them would have led to a sagging face – and, oh yeah, the 5 nerves that make the face move go RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE PAROTID GLAND!!! One of those nerves would have to be sacrificed to get to the tumor (the nerve connecting to the ear). No big deal, I thought, remove the tumor and lose feeling in my earlobe – fair enough!

After my surgery, my doctor could not wait to see me for the follow up. He told me that my surgery was so easy and probably one of the fastest he had ever done. He said that all of my nerves were easily visible to him and he never had to sacrifice the nerve leading to my earlobe. The tumor was benign. He claimed that my surgery was the first one he had ever performed like that. To top it off, he stated to me that tumors grow fast or slow – either way, they grow. However, based on my original cat scan, my tumor had shrunk. I remember him being so elated and excitedly curious about my successful procedure. I smiled and thought, Reiki.

My Wake Up Call

I used a form of healing that is rooted in love and ease and goodness and God. You see, going back to Ms. Hay’s statement, “We create every so-called ‘illness’ in our body,”[iv] I realized that I had changed my energy. I made a positive shift. I realized that the timing of the tumor correlated with a time that I did not speak my voice. Holding my tongue subconsciously translated to resentment and anger that only grew stronger with each passing day I did not speak my truth. That energy had to go somewhere and it went to the most obvious place. It dislocated my jaw! It was like the universe was saying to me, “this is what you get for not speaking up for yourself!” In actuality, I was simply attracting and manifesting what I was subconsciously feeling.

Now, I would never recommend using Reiki in place of a medical doctor. But together, Reiki and traditional medicine made a great team for me. I am clear on the fact that energy brought on by a difficult situation has to be lovingly released. This is only one example of many times I have had to learn this lesson. Each illness and each pain (back, knee, foot, sinus infection, I could continue) has taken me on a journey of discovery about myself. Reiki was instrumental to my well-being. Understanding my issue undoubtedly released my physical pain or illness.

I am forever thankful to my Reiki Practitioners, my doctors, my teachers, my books.

[i]“The Law of Attraction Cards” by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham).

[ii] “You Can Heal Your Life” By Louise Hay

[iii] www.reiki.org FAQ, “What is Reiki?”

[iv] “You Can Heal Your Life” By Louise Hay

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog. Aside from being a Feng Shui Enthusiast and Reiki Master, I am also married to a wonderfully supportive husband and I have two beautiful children. My life is probably similar to most women who keep a family and home running -- so you can add housekeeper, chauffeur, cook, teacher and coach to my "to do" list.

How do I have time for Feng Shui and Reiki and practice the Law of Attraction? I make time -- I have to. It keeps me centered and living the kind of life I desire. There, I said it -- desire -- that is the key. I
desire it. For the Law of Attraction to work (at any level) you have to desire it.

I am speaking for myself here, but if any of this resonates with you, great! If not, feel free to chuck my thoughts out the window. You see, I have consciously chosen to NOT just live a life and react to events and people. The magic, I feel, is in my desire to create my life. No more settling for what the wind blows my way. I see how I play a part in every aspect of my life -- good and bad.

Sure, I have my ups and downs and there are moments I wonder, "How did this happen? I didn't want this!" With that said, I will also make the bold statement that with each conflicting, stressful or tragic event -- I have come out better and stronger because I have used so much of what I've learned from great authors like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Esther and Jerry Hicks and so many more. There is reason for what happens, and I look to find the why and the how, and am better for it. There is divine grace behind it all.

To keep the desire going you have to stay focused. One book or movie isn't enough. It's daily practice. Find what makes you stay in the groove...or "in the zone" as I like to say. What do I do? Well, any of the following: at least 15 minutes of meditation, I journal, I attend seminars, I talk about it (when appropriate), I teach, and now I blog. Doing one or all of these things makes me conscious about my thoughts. I change the thoughts when they are negative (oh yeah, they can get nasty sometimes). The Law of Attraction begins with your thoughts followed by how those thoughts make you feel. So, make your thoughts great ones!! Your imagination here can take you to magnificent places.

One piece of advice. Be happy. Whatever you do, be happy. Do whatever it takes to be happy. If you are feeling low, stop and make a conscious decision to do something (anything) to feel better. Blare the radio, dance and use your brush for a microphone. Anything. Feeling better, makes you better. Feeling good aligns you with the Divine part of you. When you are there everyone benefits from your joy, especially you.
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