Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reiki, Pain and Illness, Energy and Relief

For those of you familiar with work from Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham), Louise Hay (and many more authors and teachers about energy) then you understand that we are forms of energy. Abraham states that we are “extensions of Non-Physical Energy.”[i]

While I’m continually learning about the universal laws and energy, I have also come to fully understand Louise Hay’s profound statement that, “We create every so-called ‘illness’ in our body.”[ii] Wow! That was pretty bold and breathtaking for me to read the first time around. However, having been ill (too many times) I chose to rethink this message from her.

So, I am responsible for every illness I’ve suffered? That was deep and frankly a lot of responsibility to handle in the midst of illness. “How did I manage that?” I thought, or “Impossible, no one in their right mind would have wished for this.” As it turns out, as I became more understanding of energy it made perfect sense.

In Feng Shui, we say that everything is alive and holds energy. In Feng Shui, we create spaces where energy can move easily so that it does not get old or stagnant–our spaces help us feel good. Additionally, we use techniques in Feng Shui to help hold good energy and release what you may not want around. This is very important for our homes and offices as they are also our sanctuaries and should be nothing but supportive of us. I began my journey with Reiki with the intention of learning how to use its techniques as part of my practice with Feng Shui.

Little did I know that Reiki was going to be the key to my healing in 2004 during my (very scary) experience with a tumor in my salivary gland (Parotid Gland) that literally dislocated my jaw. My sister and sister-in-law at the time were already Reiki I and II certified and really pushed me to use Reiki as a means of healing. Frankly, my youngest child had just been born and using alternative methods (while appealing) was not what I wanted. I couldn’t wait for the doctor to operate and GET IT OUT! My sister consoled me that using Reiki could really help me even if I chose to see the doctor. OK, simple enough, I thought, I can do that. After all, Reiki was not going to hurt me because simply put, “it is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.”[iii] If I was going to do this, I was going to really do it and decided to also learn meditation and visualization techniques. Sometimes you have to be brought down to your knees to open up to something new.

Long story short, this traditional surgery I was told, would take 3+ hours because of the 5 facial nerves that had to be carefully worked around. Damage to them would have led to a sagging face – and, oh yeah, the 5 nerves that make the face move go RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE PAROTID GLAND!!! One of those nerves would have to be sacrificed to get to the tumor (the nerve connecting to the ear). No big deal, I thought, remove the tumor and lose feeling in my earlobe – fair enough!

After my surgery, my doctor could not wait to see me for the follow up. He told me that my surgery was so easy and probably one of the fastest he had ever done. He said that all of my nerves were easily visible to him and he never had to sacrifice the nerve leading to my earlobe. The tumor was benign. He claimed that my surgery was the first one he had ever performed like that. To top it off, he stated to me that tumors grow fast or slow – either way, they grow. However, based on my original cat scan, my tumor had shrunk. I remember him being so elated and excitedly curious about my successful procedure. I smiled and thought, Reiki.

My Wake Up Call

I used a form of healing that is rooted in love and ease and goodness and God. You see, going back to Ms. Hay’s statement, “We create every so-called ‘illness’ in our body,”[iv] I realized that I had changed my energy. I made a positive shift. I realized that the timing of the tumor correlated with a time that I did not speak my voice. Holding my tongue subconsciously translated to resentment and anger that only grew stronger with each passing day I did not speak my truth. That energy had to go somewhere and it went to the most obvious place. It dislocated my jaw! It was like the universe was saying to me, “this is what you get for not speaking up for yourself!” In actuality, I was simply attracting and manifesting what I was subconsciously feeling.

Now, I would never recommend using Reiki in place of a medical doctor. But together, Reiki and traditional medicine made a great team for me. I am clear on the fact that energy brought on by a difficult situation has to be lovingly released. This is only one example of many times I have had to learn this lesson. Each illness and each pain (back, knee, foot, sinus infection, I could continue) has taken me on a journey of discovery about myself. Reiki was instrumental to my well-being. Understanding my issue undoubtedly released my physical pain or illness.

I am forever thankful to my Reiki Practitioners, my doctors, my teachers, my books.

[i]“The Law of Attraction Cards” by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham).

[ii] “You Can Heal Your Life” By Louise Hay

[iii] www.reiki.org FAQ, “What is Reiki?”

[iv] “You Can Heal Your Life” By Louise Hay

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog. Aside from being a Feng Shui Enthusiast and Reiki Master, I am also married to a wonderfully supportive husband and I have two beautiful children. My life is probably similar to most women who keep a family and home running -- so you can add housekeeper, chauffeur, cook, teacher and coach to my "to do" list.

How do I have time for Feng Shui and Reiki and practice the Law of Attraction? I make time -- I have to. It keeps me centered and living the kind of life I desire. There, I said it -- desire -- that is the key. I
desire it. For the Law of Attraction to work (at any level) you have to desire it.

I am speaking for myself here, but if any of this resonates with you, great! If not, feel free to chuck my thoughts out the window. You see, I have consciously chosen to NOT just live a life and react to events and people. The magic, I feel, is in my desire to create my life. No more settling for what the wind blows my way. I see how I play a part in every aspect of my life -- good and bad.

Sure, I have my ups and downs and there are moments I wonder, "How did this happen? I didn't want this!" With that said, I will also make the bold statement that with each conflicting, stressful or tragic event -- I have come out better and stronger because I have used so much of what I've learned from great authors like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Esther and Jerry Hicks and so many more. There is reason for what happens, and I look to find the why and the how, and am better for it. There is divine grace behind it all.

To keep the desire going you have to stay focused. One book or movie isn't enough. It's daily practice. Find what makes you stay in the groove...or "in the zone" as I like to say. What do I do? Well, any of the following: at least 15 minutes of meditation, I journal, I attend seminars, I talk about it (when appropriate), I teach, and now I blog. Doing one or all of these things makes me conscious about my thoughts. I change the thoughts when they are negative (oh yeah, they can get nasty sometimes). The Law of Attraction begins with your thoughts followed by how those thoughts make you feel. So, make your thoughts great ones!! Your imagination here can take you to magnificent places.

One piece of advice. Be happy. Whatever you do, be happy. Do whatever it takes to be happy. If you are feeling low, stop and make a conscious decision to do something (anything) to feel better. Blare the radio, dance and use your brush for a microphone. Anything. Feeling better, makes you better. Feeling good aligns you with the Divine part of you. When you are there everyone benefits from your joy, especially you.

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