Monday, May 10, 2010

Lessons from Greece

So I'm back from Greece, refreshed and still in awe of my experience there. One of my greatest dreams since my teen years was to go to Greece. Sure, most girls dream about their wedding day, having families or a college degree -- mine was to see Greece.

I remember graduating high school and preparing for the customary "beach week." I told a friend, "Why not spend beach week in Greece? Ocean City, MD will still be there when we get back." She laughed at me. I thought I was crazy for always dreaming so big. In college, I saw a student exchange program for Greece (but it was for the nursing program and while tempting, I wasn't about to change my major).

Finally, In 2001, my husband's company rewarded him with a cruise in Greece. I was so thrilled. We got our passports and we were ready to go. Sadly, 9/11 happened and the trip was cancelled. Why was Greece so "out there?" It felt like something that could only be a dream for me and that only "other people" get to do.

In April 2008 I was asked to go to Greece with a travel group. It fell during the same time another major family event was taking place and I could not even consider it. This time though, I felt like my dream was something that may never ever happen. Crushed.

Full Circle

During my time in Greece I got a chance to do a lot of meditating and writing and just "being." I realized that being in Greece anytime before now -- I simply would not have been ready. My Angels were guiding me all along.

During my life journey, I have grown spiritually. My personal tragedies and heart breaks were tremendous lessons and blessings. As I incorporated Feng Shui and Reiki into my life, changes began. Some changes were tough pills to swallow, some friends even left my side, but ultimately this filtering process was good for me (it may have taken me a while to see that though).

I educated myself about energy healing and the myriad of ways one can benefit from it. When I was ready, I chose to begin the next chapter for myself which was weight loss. Looking within myself, I found the answers about what would work for me. Funny though, the weight loss was such an after thought once I felt myself get in touch with me. I journaled, I meditated and came away with so much more than weight loss.

I found joy in writing and as early as August 18, 2008, I journaled about going to Greece. Darn it, this dream was not going to escape me. I used the techniques I learned to keep the Law of Attraction working in motion toward what I wanted.

I wrote about feeling easy, joyous, clear-headed and grounded with the weight loss. Connecting to the Divine was the best feeling throughout this process. The more flexible and healthy I got, the better I became at being ME. I wrote about joy and attracted more joy. I wrote about the joy of travel, and by summer 2009, the opportunity to go to Greece once again fell into my lap.

Here it is! My desire maintained itself and grew stronger with each journal entry and with every moment I daydreamed about Greece. Honestly, I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for this trip, but I trusted what I had learned: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE DETAILS, AS THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. I trusted the process.

The picture above is me watching the sunset as we leave Santorini Island. For those of you looking closely...yes, I believe those are orbs. Personally, I like to see it as my Angels posing for this shot. While admiring the sunset, I was thinking about Doreen Virtue and her book, Angel Medicine, where she talks about her spiritual trip to Greece and specifically Santorini Island. In her book she receives a message from Athena (Goddess of Wisdom) and it states, "The Divine feminine essence is harmonizing and balancing men and women alike. Woman's strength lies in her kindness and nurturing, yet these need to begin with her own holy self."


jennifer said...

Mimi this is so awesome. I love that you accomplished your dream. I love the photo above too. You inspire me!

Gossip Girls said...

There is a new movie with Julia Roberts that parallels your feelings in this post! I saw it during previews last night in the theater and while in the past year I have had "too many lessons learned the hard way" I was relieved to see that there is a movie about traveling to seek something meaningful along with self renewal, exactly what you experienced in Greece. My sister forwarded me your link : )

Maria Flynn said...

Thanks so much ladies. Greece was all that and more -- the people, the culture, the history, the beauty, the spirit. I don't think there are words that could describe what I experienced. I can't wait to see the movie!!

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