Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Parenting and the Law of Attraction

Learning the Law of Attraction and believing the limitless possibilities we have is something I started tackling in 1999. Spending my free time learning and experimenting with techniques and philosophies, I was able to create some of my own methods for manifesting my desires. It was one thing to tackle this alone -- but then to live it and make it a natural part who I am so that my children have the best life and life skills—was definitely a challenge.

A couple of things to think about here: there are age appropriate books that I loved sharing with my kids that teach the Law of Attraction through stories. The best thing I did was be open about what I was doing. By letting my kids know that I was changing myself to create the best life possible and that I would likely make some mistakes was honest and real. I elicited there help. Whatever I was putting out to them, I requested to be given back to me. A lifetime of old habits, thoughts, and reactions don’t change overnight.

Annoying? Yes, sometimes. It kept me (and them) on track though. Most important, it empowered them. They were a part of the change (for the better). Many times, my daughter (my eldest) was my greatest teacher.

As we live through personal experiences together (family conflicts, sickness, school drama, peer pressure, etc – just like most families I know), we discuss how to work through it using the universal laws. We discuss how to think and behave and believe. It is wonderful to hear their input and ideas, too! It opened the avenue, no, the challenge for me to learn and to teach (for them and for me).

So my daughter came to me a few months back asking how a friend of ours thinks. She was talking about my friend’s daughter who is going to begin her college career this fall. Since we’ve known her, she was a child who appeared aloof, but frankly, whatever she set forth for herself she accomplished with (what appeared to be) great ease. Even when her mother and I saw obvious obstacles, her daughter never did and frankly, blew us off like we were simply a nuisance. My daughter wanted to know how to mimic her successful college search. You see, my friend’s daughter was sought after by colleges, offered full scholarships, etc… She had choices. She had choices among colleges she wanted.

Here’s what I came up with: “She thinks like a highway. She starts at point ‘A’ and decides what her destination is or point ‘B.’ She doesn’t get distracted or burdened with detours, traffic jams, accidents or delays. So, if she wants to get a grade A on a test, she doesn’t fill herself with worry about failing, not having enough time to study, or that it’s too hard, or comparing herself with what other kids do. She simply sets her attention to getting an A and what it will take to get there." She naturally focuses on the joy of getting that ‘A’ because it’s fun and it feels good (especially when everybody around her witnesses how aloof and silly she can be).

I dedicate this blog post to her today. I am confident she will have a very successful career and thank her for being around at the right time for us to witness her success and learn from it.

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