Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Do You Meditate?

Hi there!  I know it's been a few weeks since my last post, but I have a good excuse.  I was having fun.  Fun being the most important thing I can do for myself, my health and my well-being. Fun makes me laugh a little more, which (according to the Law of Attraction) raises my vibration, aligns me with God and my highest self. Fun naturally keeps me in the "flow" or in a place I want to be.

Obviously, I can't be on vacation or partying it up with my girlfriends everyday.  Like most of you, I'm living my usual life at home (as a wife and mother, housekeeper, dietitian -- I don't need to go on -- you ladies know what kind of energy it takes to run a home).  To get to that "higher place" I meditate.

One of the most popular questions I get from clients, family, and friends is, "How do you meditate?"  Most complain that they can't quiet their minds enough to do it.  I have gathered some information about meditation. Keep in mind that this is purely from my perspective.
  • Meditation can be 2 minutes, 20 minutes, 60 minutes or more.
  • Meditation connects you to you (not the mother, the wife, the teacher) -- you.  
  • Meditation also connects you to God.  Unlike prayer, where you are talking to God, meditation is the place to listen.
  • It reduces stress and boosts your immune system.
  • Meditation relaxes you.
Ok, research the health benefits yourself if this interests you, there is plenty out there on the internet.  What I want to share in this post is how I began to meditate and how it worked for me.

Wanting to be successful with meditation, I chose to focus on one thought.  Instead of quieting my mind (which was impossible for me at first), I chose to think about the beach.  The beach is my favorite place.  A few deep breaths and I began:   I saw myself sitting on the beach with my toes in the hot sand, looking at the endless ocean and sky.  The beach is a place where I really respect my surroundings, I feel a sense of awe there, I feel God there -- I always have.

[Imagination is key here.  I use my imagination to feel the thought.  What you imagine should match how you are feeling. Alternatively, if you're not feeling so great, you can use your imagination to improve the way you feel.]

Back to the beach.  Imagine how the sand feels between your toes and fingers. Imagine the warm breeze and your hair blowing in the wind (if you're bald, so sorry, move on to the next sentence). Imagine the cool temperature of the ocean as you walk into it. Imagine the sun drying the water off your legs, your belly, your shoulders, your arms and your cheeks.  Imagine the force of the ocean waves crashing on the beaches edge.  Are you there, yet? Can you hear it?  Can you smell the salty air?  Once I'm in my "happy place" I begin to connect.  I think to myself, "How much sand is beneath me?" or  "How much water is around me?"  God created perfection and it's all around me.  Endless sky meets endless water meets endless granules of sand.  I am a child of God and therefore I am a part of His endless perfection.  My world is as abundant as my surroundings.  WHOA...  You know what?  So is yours.

No matter what is going on, this visualization kind of meditation reconnects me to God and his divinely perfect world.  No matter what is going on, I can let go more easily.  It's all good.  It's ok.  I am still, I am quiet, I am letting God in.  No talking -- just being.  It is here that I find answers, direction, purpose.

There are many different ways to meditate and what I describe above is just one example that helped me get started.  I use various methods and have experienced positive results from many of them.  Don't give up.  As with anything, practice will make you better.  Start with two minutes of focusing on any thought that pleases you.  Your goal being simply to feel better than when you started.

Meditation has been good for me as I "re-train" my brain from limited thinking to infinite possibilities.  Good luck!!

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