Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clearing the Clutter

As soon as somebody finds out I’m a Feng Shui Practitioner the conversation almost always begins something like this, “I know Feng Shui means I have to keep my house clean, but then what?  What will Feng Shui do?”  We then begin a discussion about the techniques, the benefits, the do’s and don’ts, and so on.  

Most people want to clean the clutter before they have me in their home for a Feng Shui consult (usually admitting that they are too embarrassed for me to see it).   It is my personal opinion as a Practitioner that it’s most important for me to see how you live before you clean up.  Why?  Well, would you pull up all the weeds and cut the grass before the gardener arrives?  How will the gardener know where he needs to dedicate his efforts and treat the weeds with products if he doesn’t see an accurate picture from the very beginning?

I am not in your home to judge you.  No way!  Your home is sacred space -- the place that supports you and protects you.  Your home is the place that recharges you daily, comforts you, and nourishes your soul. It is the biggest investment you will likely ever make.  Inviting me into your home is an honor.

Part of my process as a Practitioner is to show you how Feng Shui works.  My goal is that you have the tools available to you to lift your home’s energy and support and enhance the various areas of your life (career, prosperity, health, marriage, children, etc…). 

Let’s say, for example, you want more support in your marriage or you are looking for someone with whom to share your life.   I will come into your home to see how you live (before you clean and redecorate).   I will then show you how to view your home in such a way that it supports your desires and brings them to fruition.  

Once I leave, you can focus your clean up and decor in the areas of marriage, first.  You’ll get to the rest of the clean up later.  In fact, I’ll bet you will feel so good, you’ll want to clean your home quickly to support all the areas of your life. 

If you are a student of the Laws of Attraction, then you likely have a vision board, or keep a journal, or perhaps visualize daily.  Feng Shui creates a living environment that continually supports you (non-stop) far beyond the journal entry or the 3 minute visualization.  All of these techniques are at the heart to spearheading your desires to reality.

Clearing the clutter is very important to rid your life of low energy and unpleasing sights.  Feng Shui will help you usher in new and very specific energy based on your desires.  I just spent a week shredding papers, donating goods, and unloading items on Ebay and Craig’s list.  It proved to be very cathartic for me.  The area I’m working on feels freer to me and the process of making some upcoming decisions is less foggy than when I started.   I’m excited about the next chapter in my life and I’m so appreciative to have the opportunity to explore it.  

You deserve to live your best life.  Everyone benefits when you are at your best.  Try Feng Shui, you may experience some exciting avenues open up.   My clients seem to think so.  Check out my link and see for yourself:  https://sites.google.com/site/mariaflynnreikimaster/home/testimonials

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