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More on 2011 and the Numerology Behind 111

One beautiful benefit I get by having a blog is the network of people I have connected with all over the world.  By researching my material I get to reach out to others, ask questions and learn more so that I can then share what I learned with you.

When I wrote my article, 2011, Numerology, Law of Attraction and Manifestation, I received a high number of responses.  Most of you shared with me how often you were seeing 11 or 111.  In my research, I came across celebrity numerologist, Tania Gabrielle.  On January 21st, Tania addressed the numerology behind 111.  I thought you would enjoy what she had to say and with her permission, below is what she wrote:

111-The Secret Code

Yesterday I received this question on my Facebook page.


‘If you add the last 2 numbers of your year of birth plus the age you'll be in 2011, the result will be 111 - or 11 if born in the 21th century.

‘What does this mean?’
Johan Peeters

Well, Johan, it means a great deal. Thank you for sharing this important piece of information.

First, add the age you will be turning in 2011 to the last two digits of your birth year – you must have been born in the 20th century. Do this for anyone you know.  You will be astounded. EVERYONE has the same number activated.


In fact, everyone experiences this code in the 11th year of every century.

However, this information was not known widely - until 2011, thanks to the internet. The fact that we are now aware of this universal activation of 111 is very significant.

111 is a powerful triple Master Number.
Triple 1 gives triple creativity, originality, leadership. It demands forward movement and Action.  Standing on your own. Relying on your inner resources to create instant results.

At the same time the three 1s show that ‘three’s a crowd.’ You are going to be asked to remain balanced while influences from your environment and the people in your life impact you on a deeper level than ever before.

11 is Light, Electricity and Activation.
111 magnifies this. The two outside 1’s are the pillars and the middle 1 is YOU walking through that gateway into the Light, into the Unknown, where everything is created.

The 111 literally SHOWS you are manifesting NOW. There is no choice in the matter. You are creating your reality very, very quickly this year.

What you think, feel and do will be reflected immediately. It will set the stage for a long time to come.

It makes sense that our children - those born in 2000 or after, and will be no older than 11 this year - will all be under the 11 influence. Children and adults born in the 1900s will help guide the younger children through the 111 gateway.

Why would the whole of humanity be tied to 111 or 11.  To let us know we must get our whole life balanced.

Make sure you address all those parts of your life that need to be transformed from division or incompletion into a state of BALANCE. Your health, your finances, your relationships, beliefs and your career.

Do you feel connected and grounded in the place you live. Do you have a good support network of people you can trust implicitly.

Pinpoint who and what is affecting you diversely. You only want to accept the uplifting and supportive qualities in your life right now.

111 adds up to 3 - the number of self expression, creativity, joy and perfection. 3 is symbolized by the triad of mother-father-child. So it represents Creation.

To sum up -
In 2011 we are all being prompted in one way or another to bring our life into balance. You do this by walking through the gateway of Truth into the Unknwown – 111 – and creating the life you always wanted.

It requires a lot of honesty, inner release work and a dedication to YOU. You are the driving force now. No one else controls your pain or successes - except you.

Here is the great news.
In 2011 you will be supported more than EVER to manifest your goals. This is because 2011 reduces to 4, the frequency that grounds and manifests your thoughts and emotions into Physical Reality.

So be careful what you ask for, you will manifest ALL.

I have a major event planned to show you how to use your own personal secret code to fulfill your dreams with brilliant speed. Announcement on the event is coming shortly.

Isn’t it amazing how ALL of humanity has the 111 or 11 connection in 2011.

When a code is activated across the board like this, its influence on you and the world around you is incredibly strong.

About the Author
Tania Gabrielle, Celebrity Numerologist Composer and Author of “The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success: How Names and Dates Shape United States History” advises thousands of clients around the world. Her insights have been published in Entertainment Weekly and ESPN Magazine and online by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Essence Magazine and US Magazine. She is a sought-after guest on radio shows across North America and Europe.

As a composer, Tania Gabrielle has enjoyed performances worldwide by Grammy-award-winning musicians.

More information about Tania Gabrielle can be found on 


Fanfan said...

Hi Maria,

The amazing thing for me is that I'll turn 47 in August (I was born in 1964) and 4 + 7 = 11 ! I don't know if it's a simple coincidence but, this year, I seem to be more lucky than I've ever been during my whole life...

Kind regards from France.

Maria Flynn said...

Hello Fanfan...I don't believe in coincidence. It's your year...enjoy this flow of energy. :)

Chandra Dsp said...

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