Thursday, March 10, 2011

Climbing The Mountain of Spirituality (With A Great Pair Of Shoes, Of Course)

The more I step outside of my comfort zone, the more sychronicity shows up in my life.  I see it as a "sign" I'm choosing and traveling the right road.

This week a Spiritual notion struck a cord deep within me.  Listening to an interview with James Redfield (author of The 12th Insight, The Hour of Decision), I felt such a sense of confirmation for the Spiritual work I am doing.

Mr. Redfield stated that during this current time in history, there is very little that can surprise us.  Most everything has been discovered, named and categorized.  What next?  Well, a natural tendency for us, as humans, is to move toward a Spiritual life.  With little to truly surprise us, we can now begin to explore Spirituality more freely.  We are unfolding and reaching clarity by being radically truthful about ourselves and our desires.  

The way I see it, we are realizing that the "stuff "we have acquired is not fulfilling us like we thought it should.  The "stuff" is only temporarily filling a void.  Once we get over the newness of things, then what?  What are we meant to do?  Why are we here in the first place?  Many of us no longer accept the norm and the politics as usual, we want truth and honest living. In fact, more and more of us are demanding it.

This is a great time to be alive because we are finally passionate for deeper meaning in our life that includes integrity and truth.   We are moving away from pointing fingers, assumptions and blame and moving toward loving, caring, and nurturing communication and understanding. More of us are moving away from quick, unthoughtful reactions and moving toward becoming a part of the natural change we feel coming--a change to peace and connection and alignment with our Spirituality, our Divine self.

Mr. Redfield says that we are all Spiritually connected. By eating healthy and organic foods we are un-dulling our minds.  By quieting ourselves, we allow intuition to grow, we see miracles begin to happen and our consciousness awakens.  Amen, Mr. Redfield!!

"Consciousness is, in fact, contagious." -- James Redfield

We must take a radical look at ourselves and who we are.   I believe that we strongly desire an improved quality of life, enriched with love and spirituality and overflowing with abundance and prosperity that feels more harmonic and balanced.

Being more spiritual doesn't mean living poorly.  We are waking up and desiring more than just the material things.  We want a balance between the material and the Spiritual.   We want to enjoy what we acquire with a deeper sense of integrity.  Filling a void with "stuff" is no longer enough or even an option.  We want to work from a different place within ourselves.  It is less about an agenda and more about genuine grace and Divinity. 

The more prosperous we become the more we are able to help others.  When we are "full" or "rich" and honest about how we get there, we are more able to freely give and be of service. Our own energy expands and naturally flows to everyone connected to us. Being of service and giving keeps us in touch with our soul.  

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James Bulls said...

My favorite piece of advice to share with anybody who asks me how to live a more spiritual life is the advice of Bruce Lee who said, "It's not about daily increase, it's decrease: hack away the unessential!" So many people think that "finding themselves" means acquiring tangible wealth and intangible experiences in order to build their identities, but the truth of it is that finding oneself is actually a process of removal: as the sculptor cuts away the rock to reveal the form beneath, that's how we awaken our true selves - by clearing away the superficial additions and artificial divisions.

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