Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Thoughts Regarding The Recent Events In Japan

I woke up Sunday morning looking at my ceiling thinking that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan was a terrible dream.  I was in such a fog that I had to go through a sort of memory checklist to recount what I did the day before to make sure.  My heart sank when I realized it wasn't a dream and I immediately sent a silent prayer of healing and support to the people of Japan before I began my day.  I felt a deep sense of gratitude for where I was and that my family was safe.  I felt gratitude for the greater learning we will all gain from the experience the Japanese people are now going through.

The authors and spiritual leaders I surround myself with daily have been consistent in their message of removing fear based thoughts and prayers to ones aligned with the Divine --sending, thinking, praying only with love and support and healing in your hearts.  I understand this and accept this as the only energy that is helpful to our friends in Japan.

Information is good to have in times like this, but I implore you to be careful as the news operates like a good movie trailer inciting fear-based emotion through their words and images.  Emotion and energy go hand in hand--so what you feel as you watch the news is what you are sending out.  As James Arthur Ray states, "Energy flows where attention goes."  Push your attention toward miracles, love, greater expansion and healing...whatever you do...choose wisely.

Many have asked me if this was a sign of the "end of the world."  It is not.  It is, however, the movement toward the end of our old ways of thinking.  The Japanese will teach us a great deal because of this experience.  The Japanese will help us understand that we must work in unison with Mother Earth and not take her for granted.  We are not separated simply because we can walk, talk and think independently.  We are all spiritually connected and work in alignment with this planet.  Through this catastrophe will be more enlightenment and greater consciousness...I choose to look for that.

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