Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vultures: Better Messengers Than A Courier Service

This morning I woke up to a vulture perched on my neighbors chimney.  The view I have is direct and unobstructed from where I enjoy my first morning cup of coffee.  When I was really sick (for about 2 years), I woke up nearly every morning and would see anywhere from three to seven vultures eying me from there.  It used to frighten me as I always saw vultures as scavengers waiting on prey to die so that they could swarm in for the feast.

Seeing them made me scared and angry.  The vultures ignited my desire for better health on every level.  I was not going to run away from the challenge before me.

Picture taken with my phone as I wondered why they were visiting me.

I would (internally) talk with them and tell them they were wasting their time with me.  They weren't leaving. Resigned by the fact that I could not control the situation, I asked, "Why are you here?  What is your purpose?"  Something within me knew there was more to search and learn by these creatures who refused to land someplace else (away from me).  Instead of focusing on my illness, I focused on my journey and I did a little research on the shamanic meaning of vultures:
The scientific name for the Turkey Vulture is CATHARTES AURA which means GOLDEN PURIFIER because as it goes about it's lifetime business it purifies the landscape and environment in it's own natural way, ensuring the continued health and life of other living things.
The Vulture is a promise that all hardship was temporary and necessary for a higher purpose. Once a Vulture enters your life as a totem or guide, it will remain with you for life
Vultures live and work together, both in cooperation and friendliness. *
And so, with that, the vultures assisted in my healing. By letting go of fear and welcoming the process before me (no matter how difficult), learning took place.  This coming April will be one year of complete health--no doctors, no pills and a complete improvement on my quality of life. The vultures helped me "pick away" at the illness which gave me a new understanding rooted in compassion that made my spirit soar.

As I see this vulture this morning, I welcome it.  It comes in a timely manner as another chapter begins to unfold.  

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