Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Brief (But Memorable) Encounter With Abraham Hicks

I know, I know...it's been a few weeks since I posted.  Summer hit this household in full throttle and I'm enjoying every moment of it.  I hope you are enjoying your summer days, too.

Today, I wanted to talk about my brief encounter with Abraham Hicks.  Actually, I thought I was meeting Esther Hicks...

I attended an Abraham Hicks Workshop a few years ago.  During a break, I saw Esther Hicks about 30 feet away from me.  I had The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham book in my hands and in a room of about 500 attendees, no one was crowding her and I thought, I'm going for it!  I walked right up to her and said something corny like, "Mrs. Hicks, Thank you for your book, it was inspiring to me, will you please autograph it?"  She lovingly said, "No."

What the?  Was she for real?  I can only imagine how dumb my face must have looked.  She gently told me that the act of her signing the book was equally as valuable as if I was to sign the book myself.  She said that the Source from which the book was written is the same Source that guides me and therefore, it doesn't matter who signed the book.

I remember looking into her beautiful face--her magnetic eyes--and there we were--just gazing at each other, smiling.  I didn't notice the 500 or so people in the room and after what felt like 5 minutes (but was probably more like 5 seconds), I quietly went back to my seat.

When I sat back down, I looked back to where Esther Hicks was standing.  She was talking with a gentleman who apparently brought his book to be signed, because I watched her sign his book and shake his hand and then he went back to his seat.  What the?  Seriously?  What just happened?

I was taken aback.  What happened in that simple moment was so surreal.  The contrast that I felt and saw "pushed" me to notice it and really "feel" it.

I realized some time afterward that I wasn't speaking to Esther, but with Abraham directly.  I figured I was supposed to "get" what Abraham was telling me, but I didn't.  How could the inspirational words and lessons in the book -- that left me profoundly and forever changed  -- written from Source Energy (whom she calls "Abraham") be my same Source Energy?  I didn't live a Divinely inspired life like Esther and Jerry Hicks -- I wasn't writing books and helping others.  The whole thing didn't make any sense to me.

Eventually, as situations and obstacles presented themselves in my life journey, I learned that for answers and guidance I had to go inward.  In meditation and in silence I can hear the "nudges" in the most beautiful and subtle way.  Most important, I learned to trust them.  

So here's the thing, I could have easily gone down the "I didn't get what I wanted", "I'm not good enough so I must not deserve", "She didn't sign my book, so I won't read any more of her books" or any other limited thinking kind of route.  Amongst the everyday noise and stresses of regular life, this brief moment was a clue that kept me on my journey.  I'm happy I didn't blow it off just because my book wasn't signed.

I attended the Abraham Hicks Workshop because I was looking to learn and grow as a person. Abraham's words were clues to keep me on my journey. Truth is, we are all constantly given these clues, the gift is in recognizing them and exploring them.  


If you would like to purchase the book I read, please follow the link on the left. By the way, this is one of those books in which I felt I learned more from the audio version, first...followed by the hard cover.   Enjoy!

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